Whiskey and Woodworking Greetings KDI Family! It’s with sawdust (man-glitter) on my clothes and the lingering scent of cedar in the air as I type this.  Today was all about whiskey and woodworking. Well, mainly the latter. The two really don’t mix. At least not until all the work is ...read more →

Whiskey and Woodworking

***Busy busy busy!*** So now we dive even further into our expansion! Firstly, our Colton, Ca. location is still underway from the ground up and progressing smoothly. Now, renovations at our Temecula, Ca. location have started. As of today, Jan, 23rd, our tasting room will be officially closed for the ...read more →

Renovations at Temecula Location

Sextuple distilled from cane sugar. Hand-crafted in Temecula, California!  

Kalifornia Vodka!