Whiskey and Woodworking


Whiskey and Woodworking

Greetings KDI Family! It’s with sawdust (man-glitter) on my clothes and the lingering scent of cedar in the air as I type this.  Today was all about whiskey and woodworking. Well, mainly the latter. The two really don’t mix. At least not until all the work is done. But today was also about losing screws, misplacing tools, head-scratching, sibling rivalry and California burritos. Despite that, it was a very productive day and we got things done. The wall joining the two units is down and the floors are all done. The cocktail bar is the only thing remaining and that is nearly finished as well.

Visit from the Hagers

We also had a special visit from our friends Tony and Renee. Tony had just been in a motorcycle accident just hours prior on the 15 freeway. Of course, he did what I would have done, which is to come to the distillery to buy some Kalifornia Vodka! Tony you’re crazy! (Lol) But we’re all glad you’re ok! And just to serve as a reminder to the people, please be aware of bikers on the roads. A world without Tony would be no world at all. Seriously, we love him like family.

Handcrafting my way to a chores list

Speaking of family, when I arrived home, my wife asked, “What did you do?”

“I built a cocktail bar.” I replied as I followed up with a manly grunt and beat on my chest. (I was actually clearing the sawdust out of my lungs.) Sounds manly though, right?

“You”, she said, followed by a quick pause. “Built something.” I sensed a little sarcasm and unfavorable doubt in her tone.

My rebuttal was only a, “Yes, I drilled, measured, cut, and banged away at stuff.”

“You know how to use a drill?” She asked. This went on and on into a downward spiral to where I am now holding a long list of of honey-dos and home improvement projects. Woe is me.


Anyway, I am sure you will be impressed by everything we’ve done when you visit. Renovations are on track will be completed by Sunday the 5th provided the rest of things go smoothly. We still can’t do tours/tastings until then, Hey, it’s just one more day. However, you can still come down and purchase a bottle or 3. I will advise you to bring a helmet though , because Billy and power tools.

Yours truly,

Charlie (The guy behind the camera.)

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